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China Medical Device Procurement Public Service Platform Conference held in Flon Group

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On April 5th 2016,Chairman of China Medical Device Procurement Public Service Platform,Lin Baochu and Vice President Ma Dunshan visited Flon Holding Group and had conference with more than 20 representatives of Wujin Medical Device Association. The purpose of this conference is to discuss the online procurement on the public service platform.

Mr. Ma Dunshan introduced the development course, major functions and service goals of CMDPPSP. He said that the basic structure of this platform is China health industry projects and he explained the practical experience to implement “Internet +” with this online communication platform from four different aspects, which are manufacture, institution, research and application. Mr. Frank Qian, Chairman of Flon Holding Group, confirmed the project boughtessential benefits on the medical resource integration and medical system perfection. He hoped that local medical-related cooperation would have more development opportunities with this platform.

Mr Zhang Wenwei, Deputy Director of West Lake Science and Technology Park, and other officers participated this conference.  

Chairman of Flon Holding Group, Mr. Frank Qian

Chairman of CMDPPSP, Mr.Lin Baochu

Vice President of CMDPPSP, Ma Dunshan

Conference scence

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版權?2013 福隆控股集團有限公司 版權所有 蘇ICP備1401205(1/3)1號