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Flon News Weekly (2016 Week 32)

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1.Flon Biotech Acquired 6 Class III CFDA certificates
Flon Biotech has successfully acquired 6 Class III CFDA certificates for its IVD reagent products. These products are: 1. Hepatitis CVirus Antibody Test Kit, 2. Treponema Pallidum Antibody Test Kit, 3. Human Epididymis Protein 4 Test kit, 4. Iron protein Test kit, 5. Hepatitis B EAntibody Test Kit,6.Hepatitis BSurface Antibody Test Kit.
The success of product registration is based on hard work of R&D experts. Flon Biotech firmly believes that it always pays off as long as you keep trying.

2.Flon Dental & Digital Lab invited to BYBD aesthetic repair training
On August 5th– 7th, BYBD Dental Group, which has the most dental clinics in China, held a three-day aesthetic repair training course in Xi’an. Flon Dental & Digital Lab was invited to this course as BYBD’s collaborative company in Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai area. Mr. Song Kai, General Manager of Flon Dental exchanged experience and information with over a hundred dental experts during the course.
Flon Dental & Digital Lab is the only company that has the implantation& repair registration certificates in China and specialized in implantation & repair product sets with unique view point and practical experience. Flon Dental & Digital Lab is recommended by a large number of dental experts in the industry.

3.Trausim Medical attended 2016 South Dental Forum & Show
On August 8th_10th, 2016 South Dental Forum & Show was held in Gui Yang City, Gui Zhou Province. Trausim Medical attended this event.
During the entire event, Over 200 customers visited Trausim booth and Trausim Products received a lot of praise. On-site staff introduced Trausim products to new customers with professional knowledge and enthusiasm.

4.Changzhou Flon Biologicalnominated as Entrepreneurship Competition Top 25
On August 2nd,Changzhou Flon Biological participated the 4th Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition which was held by Jiangsu Science and TechnologyDepartment, Publicity Department, Financial Department, Jiangsu Communist Youth League and many other official sections.
The competition started from May this year and attracted more than 3700 worldwide companies to participated. After 13 competitions, there are 210 projects were qualified to compete for final nominations in 6 major industries.
Changzhou Flon Biological was very well prepared for this competition and final acquired Top 25 nomination in biomedical industry.

5.C?Cloud bought fresh air to Beijing
In order to increase reputation in Beijing area, C?Cloud collaborated with local distributors to carry out promotion campaign through Northern green community station, which is a service platform created by Beijing Youth daily and OK family community Service.
This event began on August 6th, C?Cloud plans to give away 1200 air conditioner filters in 120 community terminals. C?Cloud product show rooms were established in every terminal center and professional on-site staff would introduce and demonstrate products to every visitors.

6.Greenmax held quality management training
In order to improve quality awareness of front line staff, Greenmax held quality management training on August 5th. More than twenty employees attended training course.
This training was hosted by Production Department, started with quality management awareness, described the importance of low quality and false products with real cases and practical experience. After production supervisorcalculated and analyzed the company loss caused by fail quality, employees realizedhow much additional cost would occur and how badly it would compromise the company.

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版權?2013 福隆控股集團有限公司 版權所有 蘇ICP備1401205(1/3)1號